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DOW 4040

Price  14250

Regular Price:  15000

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  • Type : Spare Part
  • Purifying Technology : NA
  • Total Capacity :
  • Filtration Capacity :
  • Tank Material :

          SWADESH is one of the leading trader and importer of industrial RO membranes.

         we are offering very lowest price of all types of membranes

         To remove the major part of TDS unto 98% by Reverse Osmosis Membranes arranged and designed to give adequate flow and recovery

         Reverse osmosis membranes are used widely for brackish water desalination

         Permeate flow rate for each element may vary but will be no more than 15%

         Dry sheet for longer shelf life

         Low energy usage reduces power consumption and costs

         High Productivity Spiral Wound reverse Osmosis Membrane Element.

         It can be used for a variety of purposes. It is used in producing drinking water, industrial water, pharmaceutical water, waste water treatment and concentration of food and/or medicine

         We Deliver Throughout India

         Talk to our Consultants for any Queries.

Product Details

Model :

DOW 4040

Membrane Type

Polyamide Thin-film Composite



Diameter of membrane

4.0 inch

Length of membrane

40 inch (1 meter)



Max operating temperature


Max operating pressure


PH range


Recovery per membrane


Free Chlorine Tolerance

<0.1 mg/L